Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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......... jo aadami risk nahi leta usaka sabkuch risky ho jata hai .......

Release date           October 24, 2012

Directed by             Shamin Desai
                                   Priyanka Desai

Starring                   Emraan Hashmi
                                   Neha Dhupia
                                   Sagarika Ghatge
                                   Aditya Pancholi

Music by                  Pritam

Distributed by        Percept Picture Company with 
                                   Showman   International

Country                   India
Language                Hindi

 About Movie
                                                       RuSh is  releasing on this friday 24 oct 2012 . 
This film is directed by the late SHAMIN DESAI . In this film Emraan Hashmi, Aditya Pancholi, Neha Dhupia and Sagarika Ghatge are the stars. The storyline is based on media and crime. The story follows media, politics, crime and sex at the point of life and death. After the death of Shamin Desai, the project was completed by his wife Priyanka Desai under Percept Picture Company.

                                      The story follows media, politics, crime and sex at the point of life and death. The story follows media, politics, crime and romance at the point of life and death. Sam Grover (Emraan Hashmi) is a struggling news reporter. Even though his talk show is at the pinnacle of success, his personal life turns upside down when he accepts an assignment offered by a dynamic media tycoon. It plunges him into a vortex of violence in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Beneath the veneer of glamour, money, power and the enviable life of media, lays a truth that is at once unbelievable and shocking.


  • Emraan Hashmi    as Samar Grover a struggling news reporter
  • Sagarika Ghatge
  • Aditya Pancholi    as Roger Khanna
  • Neha Dhupia          as Lisa
  • Murli Sharma       as Nikhil
 Song List
  1.    Rab Ka Junoon - Inderpreet Singh"
  2.    Mumkin Nahi - Anupam Amod & Tulsi Kumar
  3.   O Re Khuda - Adnan Sami & Javed Bashir
  4.    Hote Hote - Ash King & Hard Kaur
  5.    Fukraa - Jazzy B & Hard Kaur
  6.   Chup Chup Ke - Shaan & Rizwan-Muazzam
  7.  Chup Chup Ke ( Film Version ) - Ash King & Rizwan-Muazzam
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