Friday, August 10, 2012

Hollywood Releasing Movie friday 10 august 2012 go & watch the bourne legacy.the campaign,the awaking, freelancers,2 days in new york,goats limited, red hokk summer,supercapitalist

Hollywood Movies Releasing On this Friday 10 August 2012

The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy movie posterIn Movie Theaters:    August 10, 2012   Nationwide 
Directed by:               Tony Gilroy
                           Jeremy Renner ... Aaron Cross
                           Rachel Weisz
                           Edward Norton ... Villain
                           Oscar Isaac ... Number 3 Villain
                           Joan Allen ... Pam Landy
                           Albert Finney ... Dr. Albert Hirsch
Distributed by:    Universal Pictures
Produced by:    Captivate Entertainment
MPAA Rating: for violence and action sequences.
Genres:    Action Thriller Adventure Sequel

The Campaign

The Campaign movie posterIn Movie Theaters:    August 10, 2012   Nationwide
Directed by:    Jay Roach
                   more credits    Zach Galifianakis ... Marty Huggins
                   Will Ferrell ... Cam Brady
                   Dylan McDermott ... Tim Wattley, Political 

                   Jason Sudeikis
                   John Lithgow
                   Katherine LaNasa
Distributed by:    Warner Bros. Pictures
Produced by:    Everyman Pictures
Running Time:    97 minutes
MPAA Rating:  for crude sexual content, language and brief 
Genres:    Comedy Political

The Awakening
Sometimes Dead Does Not Mean Gone

The Awakening movie posterIn Movie Theaters:    August 10, 2012   Limited
Directed by:    Nick Murphy
          more credits    Rebecca Hall ... Florence Cathcart
          Dominic West ... Robert Mallory
          Imelda Staunton ... Maud Hill
          Lucy Cohu ... Constance Strickland
         John Shrapnel ... Reverend Hugh Purslow
         Diana Kent ... Harriet Cathcart
Distributed by:    Cohen Media Group
Produced by:    BBC Films
Running Time:    107 minutes
MPAA Rating:
                        for some violence and sexuality/nudity. 
Genres:    Thriller Horror Supernatural                                              

To serve, protect... and steal.
Freelancers movie poster
In Movie Theaters:    August 10, 2012  
On DVD & Blu-ray:    August 21, 2012

Directed by:    Jessy Terrero
                                   Robert De Niro
                                   Forest Whitaker
                                   Curtis Jackson
                                   Dana Delany
                                   Beau Garrett
Distributed by:    Lionsgate Films
Produced by:    Emmett/Furla Films

MPAA Rating:for strong sexual content, nudity, drug use, violence and pervasive language.

Genres:    Drama Crime              

  2 Days in New York

2 Days in New York movie posterMovie Theaters:    August 10, 2012   Limited
Directed by:    Julie Delpy

                          Julie Delpy
                          Chris Rock
                          Aleksia Landeau ... Rose
                          Albert Delpy ... Jeannot
                          Alexandre Nahon ... Manu

Distributed by:    Magnolia Pictures
Produced by:    Polaris Film
Running Time:    91 minutes
MPAA Rating: for language, sexual content, some drug use and brief

Genres:    Romance Drama Sequel

Goats posterGoats Limited

David Duchovny Ty Burrell Vera Farmiga Keri Russell

Fourteen-year-old Ellis is getting ready to leave the Southwest for a boarding school in the East. This means leaving behind his mother (Robin Wright) and the only real father he has ever known, Goat Man (Duchovny).

Red Hook Summer poster

Red Hook Summer
Red Hook Summer New York

Spike Lee

An Atlanta resident spends the summer in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New                York.


Supercapitalist posterSupercapitalist
Supercapitalist Limited

Linus Roache Kenneth Tsang Derek Ting

A maverick New York hedge fund trader moves to Hong Kong and orchestrates a mega-deal that swiftly escalates beyond his control. Caught between competing forces in America and Asia in a ruthless culture of profits at all costs, he desperately negotiates and maneuvers inside China's closed, complex society. With his life and Hong Kong's future staked on a corrupt billion dollar deal, the trader takes the ultimate risk.