Friday, May 25, 2012

Meaninig of kun faya kun with lyrics

Kun Faaya Kun [Rockstar] : Meaning and Lyrics

To be frank, till date I haven't heard any song from Imtiaz Ali's latest - Rockstar. Given it has A R Rahman, it has Mohit singing all songs, and till now four songs are out. But somehow I restrained from them until I get the full album. But, this - the latest song that is out - Kun Faaya Kun has got me like anything. Rahman - praising Allah- yet again. And that is what he does the best. Lovely, lovely composition and singing by Rahman, Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan. I'm surprised to see this depth of lyrics by Irshad Kamil. And the amazing fusion with Guitar - Wow !

Here is my attempt to translate it. With whatever help I got from some online sources. 
Kun Faaya Kun [or Kun Fayakun, Kun Faya Kun] means 'Be' and 'It is'. Though one has to read the full text of Quran in which it is mentioned - to understand it. Quran - Sura Al-Baqrah Verse 117 reads

"Originator (is He) of the heavens and the earth; and when He decrees a matter to be, He only says to it ' Be' and it is."..

And the lyrics of the song goes as -

Rangrezaa Rangrezaaa..
O dyer
[literally means the person who does business of coloring cloths, but here, its him who has colored the protagonist in color of God]
Kun Fayaa Kun Faaya Kun Faayakun.. [repeat]

[He only says to it ] Be, it is.

Jab Kahin pe kuch kahin nahi tha, wohi tha wohi tha.

When, [in the world] there was nothing, He was the one, the only one.

Woh jo mujh mein samaaya, woh jo tujh mein samaaya, Maula wohi wohi maaya;

He is the one who is in my soul, he is the one in your soul, O dear Lord, he is the one that is mystery [you see all around].

Kun Faaya Kun... Sadaqallahul'Azim**

[He only says to it ] Be, it is. Allah says the truth.

Sajda savera mere tan barse, Kajra andhera teri jaan ki lau,

Morning showers its blessings on me [when] I worship you, and it cleans up dark soul of mine which is like darkness of night.

Qatra mila jo tere dar barse... O Maula....

[You gave me] that each drop of my blood, is all yours to worship your place [place here means-the Dargah]

Kun faaya kun.... Sadaqallahul'Azim

[He only says to it ] Be, it is. Allah says the truth.